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This is Shahnoza in 3 Parts - Alan Cristea Gallery

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AN EXHIBITION entitled This is Shahnoza in 3 Parts by Julian Opie will be on display at the Alan Cristea Gallery from October 13 to November 15, 2008.

The subject of this new series of nine, life-size works is a pole dancer called Shahnoza.

This is Shahnoza in 3 Parts features linear images of the pole dancer in nine different poses, each divided into three framed panels. In all of the works, the line of the figure is made using a combination of silkscreen and flocking.

This marriage of techniques gives a rich, black and velvety surface texture which contrasts with the pure white acrylic support panels. Flocking is the process of adhering fine textile fibres to a surface. Historically it is associated with wall coverings that became popular during the reign of Louis XIV of France and its use continues, in various forms, to the present day.

The depiction of Shahnoza has been a recurring theme in Opie’s work and earlier projects featuring the same subject include lenticular acrylics of Shahnoza dancing Naked and Shahnoza dancing in White Dress, in which the figure appears to move when viewed from different angles; a set of screenprints of the model in various dancing poses; and a life-size vinyl wall sticker.

The exhibition follows on from Opie’s major solo exhibitions at MAK (museum of contemporary art) in Vienna and MITO Arts Foundation in Tokyo and coincides with the publication of a major new monograph entitled Julian Opie.

Published in Japan, this new book covers every area of the artist’s work, will be over 800 pages long and include installation photographs, source material, studies and an exhaustive illustrated back catalogue of his work to date. It will be the most comprehensive publication on his work and is being exclusively distributed in Europe by the Alan Cristea Gallery.

The book will also be available through Opie’s new on-line shop which is being launched at the same time. is a groundbreaking website, launching live in October, which has been created solely to distribute the artist’s merchandise.

Opie has always wanted to break down the illogical barriers set up by the “Art World” between painting and design, sculpture and objects, and over the years has made a large number of items which feature his signature images. This dedicated site, the first of its kind, will sell online his catalogues, wall stickers, posters, note blocks, fridge magnets, LED animations and lenticular cards.

Opie’s work will also be on show at the Lisson Gallery concurrently with the Alan Cristea Gallery exhibition.

Times: 10am to 5:30pm weekdays, 10am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Telephone: 020 7439 1866.

Alan Cristea Gallery, 31 and 34 Cork Street, London, W1S 3N.