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Tribal Art London 2019 - Mall Galleries

TRIBAL Art London is the UK’s premier collectors’ event in the field of ethnographic culture and tribal art. The fair runs from September 4 to September 7, 2019 at Mall Galleries, London.

Now in its 12th year, TAL brings together more than 20 international dealers, each a reputable specialist in fine and original tribal works of art drawn from all corners of the globe. Every item offered for sale is chosen for its quality and authenticity.

Tribal Art London is an important focal point for international and UK collectors. It is renowned for offering an exciting diversity of works for sale (prices range from the low hundreds to over £20,000), as well as hosting talks on many subjects relating to indigenous cultures.

Tribal Art London attracts dealers, art institutions and private buyers from across the world.

Tribal artefacts appeal to the artistically inquisitive as well as the aficionado. Buyers of every age attend the Fair, and in 2019 the organisers are delighted to welcome their youngest-ever exhibitor, Tom Hurst who, at 18, is showing at his first art fair.

Hurst has been collecting for many years, with a special interest in Zulu items. As a third-generation dealer, he has plenty of experience to draw on; he is already helping private buyers put collections together, and is making the most of new media platforms to market his business.

This year, TAL also welcomes Molly Hogg, specialist in textiles and jewellery.

Hurst and Hogg join the Fair’s many regular exhibitors including founding Organiser Bryan Reeves of Tribal Gathering, and Adam Prout. Bibliophiles head straight to the stand of Charles Vernon-Hunt, a specialist in tribal art books.

Other exhibitors are Finette Lemaire (Amsterdam), who focuses on the art of New Guinea, Oceania and Indonesia; Joss Graham, well-known London dealer in ethnographic textiles, particularly those of India and Africa, and works of art; Marcuson & Hall (Belgium); Kezhia Orege with tribal adornment; Louis Nierijnck (The Netherlands) with tribal art, textiles and adornment from Africa, the Himalayas and South East Asia; Mark Eglington (New York); Kenn MacKay, with a special focus on American Indian art; Jeremy Sabine (South Africa), specialising in South African artefacts; David Malik focusing on the martial culture of Central and Western Africa; Rob Temple (Belgium) with artefacts from Africa, Asia and Oceania; Emmanuel Amelot (Belgium) with ethnographic and African tribal art; Frans Faber (Netherlands) with fine tribal arts from Indonesia, Oceania and Africa; Marcus Raccanello with Polynesian art; Ian Shaw a specialist in African art; Sam Handbury-Madin, a young, third-generation dealer; Cordelia Donahoe, specialist in ethnic jewellery, textiles and adornment, and Philip Keith with a particular interest in art from Nigeria, South Africa, New Guinea, Polynesia and China.

Entry to the Fair is free.