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Unique Indian Art Exhibition comes to Gerald Moore Gallery in SE9

Exhibition preview

THE Noble Sage have been invited by prestigious Eltham College’s Gerald Moore Gallery, to bring a truly unique exhibition of contemporary art from South India to their stunning gallery walls.

Not only is the first time The Noble Sage has brought its work to South London but also this will be Gerald Moore Gallery’s first foray into the art of the Asian subcontinent and a rare chance to see this special collection.

Surface and South India, on display every Saturday from September 10 to October 29, 2016, brings together six artists from Chennai, formerly Madras, in South India, all of whom interrogate and push the artistic boundaries of surface outward to different diverse ends.

South India is an area steeped in its own traditions, language and culture. Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu is seen by many as the capital of the south. Since British Independence in 1947, art schools in Delhi, Kolkata, Baroda and Mumbai have flourished and enjoyed international attention whilst the Madras Government Art College, after a golden age heyday in the 1960s, fell by the wayside.

Chennai artists became insular, guided by their own traditions combined with their own appreciation of modernity. The Madras school developed their own artistic vision inspired by Dravidian temple painting and sculpted friezes. Many Chennai artists began to see that encrypted in the process in which an artist deals with the limitations of two-dimensionality was perhaps the very identity of South Indian art.

This exhibition brings to the fore six artists from The Noble Sage Art Collection in London for whom surface in their art has special meaning. This interest often connects them with ancient South Indian artistic tradition as well as simultaneously giving them a different future-facing voice in the international contemporary art dialogue today.

All works are for sale.

Admission: Free.

Time: Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Gerald Moore Gallery, Mottingham Lane, London, SE9 4QF