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Vanity Unfair - The Gallery At 94

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE GALLERY At 94 in association with Whisky Mist is presenting the spray paintings of Maximilian Wiedemann in an exhibition entitled Vanity Unfair – from February 13 to March 29, 2009.

Graffiti artist Maximillian Wiedemann’s work explores the dependent relationship between pop culture, media and consumerism. This exhibition examines the perplexities of grand industry against the trials and behaviour of modern society.

His sense of humour is perfect for our ambiguous times, with quotes such as ‘Closer to God in Heels’ and ‘The better you look, the more you see’. Picking up the heels where the bourgeoisie stopped, Wiedemann has continued the quest into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. He takes something iconic and turns it upside down.

Never having seen the inside of an art academy, Wiedemann’s roots lie in the urban landscape, which he then traded in for the blank canvas. On his journey he perfected the skill of spray can art and developed a range of techniques, allowing him to capture and express the strong accent of urban art in a new context.

Wiedemann’s art revolves around people’s identity and their evolution. He plays with the game of hype, having a little fun with sensationalism and seduction. His sarcasm shown through bright happy colours and clean, delicate lines. Wiedemann has a tremendous gift by taking the simplicity of street art, creating a new sense of appeal and bringing this to a distinguished and modern level.

Wiedemann has been exhibiting and curating both collective and individual shows throughout Europe since 1999 and is represented in various collections around the world. He lives and works in West London, where he creates his personal art and commissioned portraits.

The Gallery At 94, 94 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 6NW

Tel: (44) 207 388 7868