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Variant 31 opens its doors on September 2, 2019

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

THE world’s largest live action video game experience, Variant 31, receives its West End premiere on September 2, 2019.

Variant 31 is a live-action gaming experience that puts you in the shoes of your favourite action character. You’re able to choose which direction you go, what rooms to explore, and test your wits as you try to survive in this narrative-driven game where the player with the most points wins!

Variant 31 is set in the brand-new, purpose-built venue, Space 18, which spans over an entire block encompassing seven buildings, 35 floors and over 42,000 square feet of themed sets where you, the player, are free to explore, for ninety minutes, the action packed, adrenaline pumping immersive experience.

Featuring a cast of more than 150 actors, and with over a 1000 different routes to explore, you choose your own unique adventure as you traverse through darkened corridors, fog filled chambers, and over 200 rooms. No player will ever have the same experience twice.

Space 18, has been outfitted as the now derelict, fire ridden Toxico Technologies. The horrors and experiments conducted by a team of scientists within are at the very root of the company’s untimely demise.

Soon after rumours leaked in the early 90’s of immoral human experimentation involving nefarious chemical compounds, mutations, and reanimating the dead, a mysterious fire broke out within the compound destroying everything and everyone within. Now, twenty-five years later, the doors are opening once more: this time, you are the patient.

Do you dare explore the ruins to uncover the mysteries and horrors that lie within? When fact blurs with fiction and the world turns upside down, you must use your skills to navigate the labyrinth and find your way to freedom. Survive the dark, complete objectives, gain points and defeat the creatures within. Hunt, and be hunted. The only way out is to make it through. Can you beat the game?

The Doctor is in: it is time to take your medication.

Variant 31 is created and executive produced by Dalton M. Dale for Big Dreamer Productions (Broadway: Moulin Rouge, West End: Fame, International Tour: Fame, Rock of Ages, Immersive: The Uninvited Awakening), with movement direction by Robert Nairne (Star Wars, The Crown, Penny Dreadful and Secret Cinema) and Carly Blackburn (York Theatre Royal, Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre).

Set design is by Tim McQuillen Wright, with costumes by Sonia Williams, lighting design and technical direction by Myles Ratcliffe, music/score and sound effects by Garrett Beelow and Stephen ‘King Luck’ Williams, special effects design by Kemal Canalp, casting by Sarah Morris, Aaron James Perry and Pauline Schena and makeup design by Claire Golby.

Company Management/Resident Director is Jen Coles (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child).

Variant 31 is produced by Paul Godfrey, Nick Young, Harmonia Holdings, John Cowper, John Newlands and Mohamed Guessous and in association with Michael Dahl Rasmussen and Rachel Kraftman Productions.

Tickets: Daywalkers (available from October 2) – from £35; Nightwalkers (available from September 2) – from £39. Tickets available from onsite box office (now open) or online at

Age Range: Daywalkers – Ages 12+; Nightwalkers – Ages 18+.