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Wallace & Gromit present a World of Cracking Ideas

Preview by Lizzie Guilfoyle

AN EXHIBITION entitled Wallace & Gromit present a World of Cracking Ideas is on display at the Science Museum until Sunday, November 1, 2009.

Techno-trousers, the Telly-scope and the Shopper 13, Wallace is famous for his wacky contraptions! Join him and Gromit as they guide you through the world of well-known inventions to discover how simple ideas can transform into life-changing devices.

In this fun family experience see some of the greatest objects ever invented, from the printing press to the telephone, plus some of the first ever patented inventions from the Science Museum’s collection.

What device in your house could you not live without? Let Wallace’s expertise inspire you to develop your own idea for the next big thing.

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