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The Taste of London Festival with Wanchai Ferry

Compiled by Jack Foley

YOU can master the art of Chinese cuisine at Taste of London with Wanchai Ferry, a newly launched range of Chinese recipe kits.

The Wanchai Ferry stand at Taste will feature flare-wokking and Chinese cooking demonstrations, a competition to win dinner for two at a famous Michelin Star restaurant and product giveaways.

Perfect for a special meal to share on a relaxed evening in, Wanchai Ferry recipe kits enable you to enjoy a more rewarding cooking experience and delicious, multi-layered flavours.

Unique speciality ingredients, from Shiitake mushrooms with their distinctive Umami flavor to crunchy peanuts to toast in your wok or sweet, juicy pineapple chunks, add the perfect finishing touch to each dish.

The Wanchai Ferry range consists of a trio of authentic, mouth-watering flavours from three Chinese provinces:

  • Xiang Gu Chicken Recipe Kit (Zhejiang Province) – a blend of succulent Shiitake mushrooms in a rich black bean and ginger sauce
  • Kung Pao Chicken Recipe Kit (Szechuan Province) – crunchy toasted peanuts in a lively Szechuan sauce
  • Bo Luo Pork Recipe Kit (Guangdong Province) – sweet and juicy pineapple in a fruity, tangy Cantonese sauce

Wanchai Ferry now offers you the chance to win a pair of premium tickets to the Taste of London Festival, which runs in Regents Park from June 18 – 21, 2009.

The hotly anticipated Taste of London festival brings together a selection of world famous brands and restaurants in a unique outdoor food and drink festival, showcasing cuisine from some of the country’s best chefs. Tasty stuff!

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Win Tickets to the Taste of London Festival with Wanchai Ferry

IndieLondon is offering its readers a pair of tickets for the Taste of London festival thanks to Wanchai Ferry. The tickets are for the Thursday evening (June 18, 2009) and are available to the person who can answer the following question correctly…

Q. What is the speciality ingredient in the Wanchai Ferry Xiang Gu Chicken Recipe Kit?

A) Peanuts
B) Shiitake Mushrooms
C) Pineapple