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World Day Against the Death Penalty

Event preview

SATURDAY, October 10, 2009, is the World Day Against the Death Penalty and to mark the event this year artist Robert Priseman, in conjunction with Amesty International and The Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex, is launching a controversial book, No Human Way to Kill, at Westminster Methodist Central Hall.

The event will start with talks by Prof Sir Nigel Rodley, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, artist Robert Priseman and Rev. Cathy Harrington. This will be followed by round-table discussions, question and answer and book signings. Key representatives of Reprieve, Amnesty International, Amicus and Penal Reform International will be participating. The event is open to press and public.

The book launch is accompanied by exhibitions of Robert Priseman’s work at the European Commission’s 12 Star Gallery, 8 Storey’s Gate, London SW1, from October 6 to October 16 and on Amnesty International’s Online Gallery.

No Human Way to Kill creates a unique account of the death penalty by juxtaposing an interview with former Texas Prison Warden Jim Willett, who oversaw 89 executions; an essay about life on death row in San Quentin by former Crips gang member Anthony Ross; and an essay from Cathy Harrington whose daughter was lost to murder – Rev. Harrington negotiated a life sentence for her daughter’s murderer when he had been facing a potential death sentence.

The book also publishes Robert Priseman’s series of etchings of execution chambers worldwide.

No Human Way to Kill is part of a series of exhibitions and publications by Robert Priseman on the subject of Capital Punishment. His exhibition American Execution, a series of paintings of US execution chambers was shown at Dazed and Confused Gallery London 2008 and at the University of Essex 2009. These paintings are published in Modern Means of Execution, a book by Priseman and John Finlay.