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Your Digital London Diary: Ideas for Virtual Events, Parties and more

Source: Unsplash

Story by Jack Foley

WITHIN modern-day society, there are more ways than ever before for those living in London to fill their digital diary. As a result, as well as the city’s real-time events, the vastness of home-based activities now have the potential to ensure regular entertainment throughout the week. So, let’s take a look at some possible ideas to fill a London-based digital diary.

Monday, 6pm: Costume Movie Marathon

There are few better ways to ease yourself into a hectic, action-packed week than with a themed movie marathon. Over the last few years, there have been several real events throughout England’s capital city that have offered franchise-focused viewings, such as the Prince Charles Cinema’s all-night Disney marathon. However, in recent times, home-based alternative screenings have also become immensely popular due to the flexibility in relation to dress code and start time.

The creative and light-hearted nature of a costume-centred film night combines the enjoyment of both traditional movie nights with fancy dress parties. Fundamentally, selecting a theme with a diverse range of characters will ensure costume variation among your guests. For example, choosing Warner Bros’ eight-film Harry Potter collection as the subject of the evening, will undeniably lay the foundations for varied outfit selectivity.

Furthermore, while a party of this nature should be free-flowing, it’s essential to have a schedule to assist in maximising viewing time. According to Quora, the average length of a Harry Potter film is two hours and 27 minutes, meaning, that, in one evening, if you start at 6:00pm, you won’t get through each of the franchise’s films. That said, it’s also critical to have breaks between movies to ensure party-like socialising, as well as opportunities to indulge in both beverages and snacks.

Wednesday, 7pm: Themed Online Casino Night

Source: Unsplash

At the midway point in the week, an online casino night represents a perfect opportunity to metaphorically let your hair down and conveniently enjoy some digital variants of traditional casino games. Even though there are a total of 24 casinos scattered throughout London, as per Guide to London Casinos, contemporary online operators are, in the eyes of many, far more convenient. Moreover, much like costume-orientated movie nights, they allow for authenticity regarding the evening’s theme.

In order to guarantee a more authentic evening, the event’s food and drinks can be matched with the offerings that would typically be on offer at land-based establishments, such as champagne and steak.

Additionally, given the developments within the online casino sector, realism can be ensured like never before during an online casino night, with growing numbers of operators, such as Buzz Bingo, now offering a wide array of live casinos titles. For example, games such as Buffalo Blitz Live would be the ideal option for the evening in question, as their live slots share the fun with live hosts and other players.

Friday, 8pm: Virtual Reality Exploration

At the end of the week, and following the rise of digitalization, Friday evening is an excellent time to immerse yourselves in the powers of technology and turn your home into some of the world’s most breathtaking geographical locations. At the time of writing, there are increasing numbers of available virtual reality party rentals that are seeking to take home-based parties to the next level.

Following the release of Everest VR back in 2016, the title has been at the forefront in relation to virtual reality gaming. From the comfort of your own home, renting the necessary equipment allows you to step into a photo-realistic experience of an expedition to the summit of Mount Everest through the use of Oculus’ Rift headset.

However, if nature exploration isn’t the desired theme, then there are many alternatives to choose from, including virtual racing and sport, which can be achieved through Project Cars VR and NBA 2KVR, respectively.

Plenty of Digital Options to Choose From

Ultimately, the opportunities throughout London ensure that you can fill your digital diary with a whole host of immersive activities. While there are even more options available to choose from in addition to those listed above, the aforementioned events ensure a balanced level of enjoyment during the week, providing much-needed downtime while also remaining sociable.