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Your Voice Against Poverty - London rally

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Feature by Lizzie Guilfoyle

ON JUNE 2, 2007, campaigners who believe world leaders are not acting urgently enough to end world poverty, are uniting on the River Thames embankments between Westminster and Vauxhall Bridges to voice their concerns.

Later in June, the British Prime Minister will attend summits of both European and G8 governments, where he’ll be speaking on behalf of the British people.

The aim of the rally is a simple one – to convince the Prime Minister and, ultimately world leaders, that the world can’t wait for debt cancellation, plus more and better aid; trade justice; healthcare, education, water and sanitation for all; and firm plans to prevent catastrophic climate change and to address its impact.

Sadly, 5,000 children die every day from drinking dirty water; a woman dies in childbirth every minute; more than 5 million people living with HIV and AIDS still do not have access to drugs; and global warming puts us all in peril – and poor countries will be hit first and hardest.

Sobering facts indeed. So, if you think the world can’t wait, you can “ring the alarm” from 2pm on June 2. Wear white and take along your alarm clock and phone alarms. There will also be activities at various London venues from 11 am on the same day.

For programme details and map; to create your own message for the Prime Minister; or to register your attendance, visit the Voice Against Poverty Website.