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24 movie under threat over budget issues

Kiefer Sutherland, 24

Story by Jack Foley

KIEFER Sutherland’s plans to bring his Jack Bauer character to the big screen have suffered another blow… and one that could be potentially fatal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter and various other reports, Twentieth Century Fox have refused to give the movie spin-off the green light in 2012.

Various issues, such as budgeting costs and Sutherland’s availability, have emerged as possible reasons for this decision.

Deadline reported that Fox didn’t believe that Sutherland would have enough time to complete the movie during his hiatus from new TV show Touch.

But The Hollywood Reporter also believes the problem extends to budget costs, with Fox having recently proposed a budget of $30 million for the feature compared to Imagine Entertainment’s proposal for $50 million to $60 million.

There also appears to be a gap between Fox’s plans to pay Sutherland and director Antoine Fuqua $2 million each in exchange for a generous backend, whereas Sutherland is believed to have been looking for a figure of $3 million.

The dispute looks to have shelved any plan to start filming this year, although both parties could yet find a compromise, especially given Sutherland’s desire to get the movie made.

Indeed, a script is already in place – from Billy Ray and Mark Bomback – that is said to kick-start a potential action movie franchise for Fox to rival the Die Hard series.

Fox will also be weighing this up, given that Die Hard is now on its last legs. But Sutherland hasn’t enjoyed a sizeable box office hit for some time, while not all TV to film transitions are successful, especially if a gap occurs between the end of the programme and the big screen alternative. The distributor fared badly with The X-Files: I Want to Believe in 2008.

Watch this space…

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