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300: Become 1 of 300 competition


Story by Jack Foley

IT TOOK a staggering $70m in its first weekend at the US Box Office and won the hearts of film and graphic novel fans alike.

To celebrate, the creators of the film 300 are inviting the UK ’s 300 ultimate 300 fans to step forward and become immortalised in the official 300 army…...

As one of the unique band of 300 each member will have their name added to the UK DVD bonus content, introduced by director Zack Snyder.

Winners also receive the soundtrack and a signed copy of 300: The Art Of The Film book featuring pictures, illustrations and the inspiration behind the film.

To become 1 of the 300, fans need to visit and submit their entry by showing what 300 means to them!

This could be through their blogs, networks, by hosting a specially devised media player or just by reviewing the film….. the opportunities are endless.

The best 300 entries will be chosen and invited to join Zack Synder’s official 300 army.

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