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Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson reunite for A Million Little Pieces


Story by Jack Foley

AARON Taylor-Johnson is to reunite with director Sam Taylor-Johnson [also his wife] for a big-screen adaptation of James Frey’s best-seller A Million Little Pieces.

The book, which was published in 2003, was once one of the hottest properties in Hollywood until it became something of a ‘do not touch’ after Frey was exposed for inventing or embellishing parts of a story that he originally claimed was a memoir. Frey had even penned the first version of the screenplay, which Brad Pitt was on board to produce.

However, the project has now been revived because the power of the story Frey wrote about a young man who awakens on an airplane to Chicago, with no recollection of his injuries or of how he ended up on the plane, remains an incredibly powerful piece.

The ensuing tale follows the man as he heads to rehab and begins his journey to sobriety.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Taylor-Johnsons saw the appeal of the substance abuse tale and began adapting a screenplay earlier this year.

Aaron, who was last seen in war drama The Wall, will star, while Sam – whose credits include Fifty Shades of Grey – is set to direct.

The pair previously collaborated on the film Nowhere Boy, which chronicled the early years of John Lennon.

In addition to this project, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is currently shooting Outlaw King, David MacKenzie’s follow-up to his breakout crime thriller, Hell or High Water.