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Abduction - Lily Collins interview

Lily Collins, Abduction

Interview by Rob Carnevale

LILY Collins talks about working with Taylor Lautner and Sigourney Weaver on Abduction and handling her big kissing scene without feeling awkward.

She also talks about her career in general, why it’s weird to hear her own name linked with Snow White (even though she’s playing the character) and why she still feels British at heart.

Q. How did you get on board this project?
Lily Collins: I read the script, really was attracted to it and really loved that Karen was not your typical girl next door. She was funky, she spoke up, she gained self-confidence throughout the film, and she turned into this young woman. So, I read the script and loved it.

Q. Had you met Taylor before?
Lily Collins: We’d hung out with each other at multiple events throughout the last couple of years and we happened to run into each other the night after I’d read the script at an event and I brought it up and it just kind of snowballed from there.

Q. Have you witnessed the Jacob mania first-hand now that you’ve been with Taylor?
Lily Collins: Yes! One night outside the city we had, like, 600 girls… 600 fans just waiting outside our base camp and Taylor, of course, went out and spent time with every single one of them, signing autographs and taking photos. That dedication he applied, not knowing if someone was going to drive by or not… you know, just the dedication and admiration that they have for him and vice versa was crazy to see. I’ve never witnessed that first-hand. But some of them… you never know what they’re going to do! They’re going to try everything they can to see him. But they’re very dedicated and it’s really nice to see.

Q. You’ve said that when you’re on a film set you like to watch your co-stars in action and learn from them. Was there anyone in particular on the all-star cast of Abduction that you learned the most from?
Lily Collins: I loved watching Sigourney [Weaver]. She’s someone that I’ve always admired and her career has gone through so many different genres. The idea that she was going to be in this movie was just so exciting and that she really wanted to be a part of this was very cool. I went to set during the scene when Taylor and her are in the therapy session… I wasn’t filming that day but I really wanted to just watch and see how she is and to see how she drifted from one emotion to the other and then after they yelled ‘cut’ to see how she became Sigourney again. She’s also so funny and just an amazing woman. So, I really loved watching them out of their element and in their element.

Q. How much practise did the kissing scene on the train take? And did that chemistry extend off-set as we’ve been led to believe?
Lily Collins: It’s nice to be in a situation like that with someone who makes it not awkward… someone who you can laugh about it with and it’s automatically a comfortable situation between the two of you. Once you make it awkward, then…


Q. You have Snow White coming out after this, so does it feel like you’re on the brink of something major?
Lily Collins: Hmm, well it is, for Snow White in particular, when it’s Snow White and everyone calls you Snow White. It’s kind of a weird thought that you’re the character that the whole story is about. But just being able to work with people like Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane… being in their presence, let alone being on screen with them, for me, is a complete honour and I learn so much from them. But then being the one at work every single day and the first on the call shot is a weird concept. I mean, I’m the one who saves the call sheets because I’m never going to be No.1 again. That’s my mentality anyway. I’m still really excited about getting chances like this. I’m in this for the passion and I hope to continue working. I feel really lucky so far to have gotten the roles that I’ve gotten and for them to have the arcs that they’ve had in the story and not just be one dimensional.

Q. Did you pick up any Swedish from Michael Nyqvist?
Lily Collins: [Laughs] We have so many memories of Michael saying his lines and then going: “Actually, you say it like this.” We loved hearing him speak. He pretty much wanted to speak in English and try out the American accent. He was really trying to get into being able to say things and have it be understood. But he’s funny.

Q. Do you still consider yourself British? You sound very American…
Lily Collins: I do… I sound very American but I feel completely British at heart. I mean I say when I’m travelling here I feel so at home. But then also when I leave here to go back to LA I say I’m going home. So, I feel like I have two homes but when I land here at the airport I literally de-stress and I feel like I’m coming back somewhere that’s so ingrained in me and I’m very, very British.

Q. Have you given up journalism for good now?
Lily Collins: Well, I don’t like to close any doors officially. I love writing, so I’m going to keep that up and I love meeting new people and asking questions. I think that’s the heart of journalism… meeting people, asking questions, having conversations. Maybe one day down the line I’ll come back to that but for now my focus is definitely acting. But I love it so…

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