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Aftershock - Lorenza Izzo interview


Interview by Rob Carnevale

LORENZA Izzo recalls her experience of living through the real-life Chilean earthquake of 2010 that formed part of the inspiration for new Eli Roth movie Aftershock.

She also talks about working with Roth and how the two came to meet in the first place.

Q. Is it true that you were caught in the Chilean earthquake upon which Aftershock takes its inspiration?
Lorenza Izzo: Yeah, the earthquake actually happened at the very end of summer. It was the last weekend of summer and all the college kids, all the high school kids, were partying. Even the families were vacationing. It happened at 3.30am, which is usually the peak of the party night in Chile. It’s the very middle of it. So, we were listening to the Black Eyed Peas or something and then suddenly [makes the sound of the earthquake hitting] and there’s this excruciating sound and everything moves. At first, you think: “Is this a special effect? Is the club doing something?” But I was in a club where the whole wall was covered in glass bottles – whiskey, vodka, whatever – and the whole thing came down on all of us. I see friends of mine screaming and going around with glass all over their arms and covered in blood, desperately trying to get out and walking through glass windows. A friend of mine lost both of his hands. Thank God we found both of his hands… we had to load them into trucks to take them out. It was insane. One second we were having fun on the last weekend of summer, and then the next second it’s this thing.

But that’s the earthquake and then you get the aftershock and you’re trying to get your mind to understand what’s going on because you’re drunk and you’re trying to get your mind around the fact that an earthquake has just happened. It wasn’t a good time anymore, this was an earthquake. And then you get your phone out and there’s nothing… no Internet, no signal and you’re trying to get the radio. There was nothing. So, then survival mode kicks in and you’re like: “What the f**k do I do?” So, that’s actually what happened. It was insane. I had a friend of mine who was in hospital for three months and we were trying to get him back – he had to learn how to speak and do everything again.

Q. How did you first become involved with Eli Roth and how much have you enjoyed working with him?
Lorenza Izzo: Well, Nicolas Lopez did F**k My Life, the small movie, and the second one was F**k My Wedding [the second of three with F**k My Family]. And that’s how I came to meet Nico, through F**k My Wedding. I was like the bad vixen girl. I think Eli saw that movie but I spoke Spanish in that movie. And Nico was aware that I could speak English but he didn’t know I could speak English like this… and Aftershock is an English speaking movie. But the character I play is actually a New Yorker. She’s a model. I think they kind of had a girl from LA. They had been casting the girl for two months. I had a bartender part and I was Chilean and I was super happy because Eli was going to be acting in it as well. So, I was so excited.

And then I remember Eli had landed that day and I hadn’t met him. But Nico called and said they were going to do some pre-shots for Aftershock and they needed some pretty girls for the background, so will you please come. But initially I was like: “I can’t, I have to babysit my sister tonight because my parents are at a wedding.” But he said: “No, you have to come. Don’t be gay. Come with your sister!” So, I call a friend to babysit my sister and it ended up being one of the luckiest nights of my life because I go out, I get there to this Adidas party and I got outside the production office and I meet Eli and go: “Hi Eli, how are you?” And everyone from the crew was like: “Oh my God, who is this?!” But as I was talking to Eli, he was wondering what was going on and why Nico hadn’t told him about me – I found all this out afterwards. But then I get a call the next day saying: “Lorenza, you have to come and audition for another part.” And I was like: “What happened? I already had a part! Am I going to get it taken away?” But Nico was like: “No, no, this is a bigger part.” But he didn’t tell me what. So, I went and auditioned and got the part. So, that’s how I met him.

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