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Alan Partridge sequel a high possibility, says Coogan

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Story by Jack Foley

STEVE Coogan has hinted that a sequel to Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, is a distinct possibility following the success of the original.

Speaking while promoting his latest movie, Philomena (which he co-wrote as well as stars in), Coogan told Digital Spy that a sequel was very much on the cards.

“There’s definitely some possibility of Alan having another outing, and what it is I don’t know,” he said. “He’s not dead, we’ve not killed him. We deliberately didn’t kill him – he’s like a vampire, we put him in a coffin, he’s kept in cold storage and we drag him out, attach the electrodes and re-animate him. We might do that in a couple of years.”

Ironically, Coogan shot the Alan Partridge movie after Philomena but owing to the strategy of distribution companies, the former got released first.

He has also recently completed a second series of The Trip in Italy, which reunites him with director Michael Winterbottom.

The comedian said he was currently very satisfied with the state of his career, which afforded him the opportunity to mix roles and genres (across comedy and drama) and present him with some “classy problems” over what to do next.

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