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Alien Autopsy - Ant McPartlin interview

Ant and Dec in Alien Autopsy

Interview by Rob Carnevale

Ant McPartlin talks about his role in Alien Autopsy at the London press conference for the film…

Q. How did you get involved with Alien Autopsy? Were you at all nervous?
Ant: We kind of new on first reading that we really wanted to get involved in this film. We were obviously very nervous about doing it but if you’re going to take a risk and challenge yourself this was the film to do it because we really believed in it.

Q. Ray and Gary claim that the film was based on a genuine piece of footage. Do you believe that?
Ant: Well we had to believe it in order to film it. Dec was playing Ray and every time I’ve met Ray and Gary they’ve both insisted that the original footage they based their remake on is still there.

Q. Did you need strong stomachs for the autopsy scene?
Ant: The worst thing was that it was really hot in that studio in the summer. We had to wear these white all in one latex outfits and the hoods were velcroed on. There was only about two minutes worth of oxygen in each helmet, so every time there was a cut, two people ran in, released us and all this steam came out and we could breathe. Apart from that, it wasn’t too squeamish.

Q. You’ve become known as presenters but you started out as actors. Was it harder than you thought going back and becoming actors again?
Ant: We’d just come off of our series of Saturday Night Takeaway when we started the film and when we sat with Jonny [the director] during the first or second reading of the script everything was really big and quite large. We were presenting everything. But he slowly bashed that out of us!

Q. Was it always clear who would play who?
Ant: It wasn’t clear from the start, actually. When we first read the script we instantly thought that we’d play the opposite roles, probably going on the fact that they’re quite similar to the characters we play on Saturday Night Takeaway in sketches and stuff. I’d always play the outgoing roles and Dec would be the slightly more sensible one. So it wasn’t until we sat with Jonny that we kind of reversed it and read both parts and realised that we’d got it wrong. Now I’ve seen the fininshed film, I couldn’t imagine it the other way.

Q. How similar is Ray and Gary’s relationship to your own?
Ant: We met Ray and Gary during filming. We didn’t meet them before because we wanted to work on the characters ourselves and do that in rehearsal. But there was a genuine spark between them where you could tell they had a real history, a great relationship and you could tell they would be able to finish each other’s sentence. I don’t really know them that well socially, so I couldn’t tell you that side of it. But professionally, it’s quite possible.

Q. What’s it like to see yourselves on billboards, bus stops and that sort of thing?
Ant: It’s amazing. Days like today are very exciting. We drove in today and passed some bus stops and, of course, there’s tonight’s premiere. So everything about it is very exciting. We enjoyed making the film and we’ve enjoyed this process just as much.

Q. How do you think your legions of fans will respond to this given that it is a slightly different style?
Ant: I just hope they go and see it [laughs]. But it’s a very valid question because we’re on TV every Saturday night for most weeks of the year and we’re now asking people to get off the sofa and pay money to come and see us. I hope it’s well received. I don’t think it’s too disimilar tone-wise to what we do on TV but I think also there’s a slightly more serious side to it that they would enjoy. I certainly hope they do. I know we’ve taken friends of ours along to see screenings and they’ve enjoyed it.

Q. Do you believe in aliens, UFOs and things like that?
Ant: I think it’s naive to think we’re the only living beings in this universe. I think obviously there is some kind of life form somewhere else. Whether it looks like the creature in Alien Autopsy, I’m not sure.

Q. How are you feeling about the reaction to your performance? Are you nervous and will you be reading the reviews?
Ant: I’ll be very interested to see what people make of it, whether they like it and what they think of our performance. But it won’t affect any further decisions we make. You can’t base decisions on what people say all the time, you have to go with your gut sometimes and that’s what we did on this. I think we made the right decision.

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