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Andrew Garfield set to star in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge

Andrew Garfield in The Social Network

Story by Jack Foley

ANDREW Garfield looks set to take the lead in Mel Gibson’s latest directorial venture, Hacksaw Ridge.

The project is being touted to investors and buyers at the Berlin Film Festival and is proving to be a huge draw, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hacksaw Ridge sees Garfield playing real-life war hero Pfc. Desmond T. Doss, who became the first conscientious objector in American military history to receive the Medal of Honor even though he refused to bear arms on religious grounds.

Doss made himself a hero by saving 75 men during the Battle of Okinawa, during which he helped to evacuate the wounded near enemy lines.

In doing so, he braved gunfire while tending to injured soldiers on the field.

In one overnight battle, he was wounded by a grenade and later hit by a sniper while saving more colleagues.

Doss also received two Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts for his actions.

Hacksaw Ridge has been looking for a director and star for around 13 years but the climate is perceived as right at the moment given cinema-goers appetite for heroic war stories, as evidenced by the box office smash that American Sniper has become.

In its current incarnation, the film is based on a script co-written by Randall Wallace, who previously worked with Gibson on We Were Soldiers, as well as Robert Schenkkan.

The film will mark Mel Gibson first return to the director’s chair since Apocalypto in 2006.

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