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Aneurin Barnard joins Guillem Morales' supernatural Shomer


Story by Jack Foley

ANEURIN Barnard has joined Spanish director Guillem Morales’ supernatural thriller Shomer.

Based on a script by David Abram Nahmod and produced by Lawrence Bender (Inglourious Basterds), the film will see The White Queen star Barnard playing a 25-year-old man who is chosen to be a shomer, a person required by ancient Biblical law to stay with a corpse and recite prayers until final burial.

However, as he begins his overnight vigil with the body of a doctor, a series of occurrences take place that are impossible to explain and which could lead to a powerful evil possessing the corpse.

Commenting on what to expect to Variety, Bender said: “Guillem Morales is the perfect director for Shomer, which is a great Polanski-esque version of The Exorcist, and we are delighted to have Aneurin Barnard who is such an accomplished young actor cast in the lead role.”

In addition to making a mark in BBC’s The White Queen, Barnard has also been seen recently in Citadel and Trap For Cinderella.

Morales is previously best known for directing the Spanish horror film Julia’s Eyes

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