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Anna Kendrick set to play female Santa Claus

50/50, Anna Kendrick

Story by Jack Foley

ANNA Kendrick is set to play a female Santa Claus in Disney’s new movie Nicole.

Written and directed by Marc Lawrence, the film will pick up as Father Christmas throws in the towel on presents delivery and his son gets cold feet at the prospect of having to take over.

This leaves Kendrick, as his daughter, to don the big red suit and ride the reindeer to fulfil the wishes and dreams of children all over the world.

Lawrence, who wrote Sandra Bullock vehicle Miss Congeniality, last directed Hugh Grant comedy The Rewrite. Kendrick is about to shoot Pitch Perfect 3.

Although the idea of a daughter Claus may seem new, the character has actually been present in Christmas literature for more than 100 years.

In an 1892 play, she is called Kitty and asks her father to give her the gift of another man, while in a revisionist 2000 novel, she is called Noel.

She has even appeared briefly on the big screen in The Legend of Holly Claus, in which the heart of the infant daughter is frozen on account of a curse, shortly after birth.

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