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Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in action thriller Ten

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Story by Jack Foley

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has landed yet another action role in the thriller Ten to confirm his movie comeback remains on course.

To be directed by Training Day‘s David Ayer, Ten will focus on members of an elite DEA task force who depart from their usual operations and steal millions from a drug cartel safe house.

Just when the team thinks they have gotten away with it, someone begins to take out them out one by one.

The project has been doing the rounds in Hollywood for some time and, at various points, has attracted the attention of Bruce Willis (as star) and Patrick Alessandrin (as director).

But Schwarzenegger’s involvement has put it back on-track.

The actor is currently shooting The Tomb as another star vehicle and will appear in The Expendables 2 in August. He has already completed The Last Stand as his first leading role post-politics and scandal, which is due to open in US cinemas in January 2013.

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