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Arthur and Mike (Colin Firth/Emily Blunt) Trailer

Arthur & Mike

One-time talented golfer, Wallace Avery (Colin Firth) is struggling with a life from which he longs to escape. Faking his own death, he acquires a forged passport and a new identity – that of a golfer named “Arthur Newman”.

“Arthur” heads out for Indiana to start a new life and a promise of a new job as a resident golf-pro at a prestigious club.

Along the way, he meets the beautiful but troubled Charlotte (Emily Blunt), who is also traveling under a false identity – that of her schizophrenic twin sister, Michaela or “Mike” – and has fled her own home in North Carolina.

Arthur and Mike’s relationship flourishes and they embark on an adventurous road-trip where they take a deviation, breaking into empty mansions and assuming other people’s identities until, eventually, the role-playing games begin to lose their lustre, revealing two hearts hurt by life’s challenges. Arthur & Mike are then forced to take another look at themselves and the real lives they’ve left behind.

Arthur & Mike opens in UK cinemas on June 27, 2014.

Watch the trailer:

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