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BAFTAs 2013: What the winners said

Django Unchained

Story by Jack Foley

Here’s a round-up of some of the key quotes from the BAFTAs from the night’s main winners.

In commenting on Skyfall‘s award for outstanding British film, long-term 007 producer Michael G Wilson noted that “this is a first for the Bond films” before saying “a big thanks” to Daniel [Craig] and [director] Sam [Mendes].

He was followed by Sam Mendes, who said: “1,292 people worked on this movie and I stand here on behalf of all of them. We all had high expectations for this film and it’s fair to say they’ve all been exceeded. This is the icing on the cake.”

He also paid tribute to leading man Craig for his bravery and brilliance and “his sheer bloody mindedness”. And to “the great Ian Fleming”, who first created James Bond almost 60 years to the day.

Quentin Tarantino said of his best original screenplay prize for Django Unchained: “Thanks a lot. This is really, really nice. First, I want to thank m yactors for doing a bang up job with my dialogue… And I want to thank BAFTA for giving me this. I think you guys are a really terrific organisation.”

One of the actors he mentioned, Christoph Waltz, said upon winning the best supporting actor prize: “Why I get to stand here is really no mystery because it says so at the beginning of the movie – written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

He continued: “It all starts and ends with Quentin and really beyond everything that I need and want to thank you for, the thing that touches me the most is your unconditional trust that I will put your creation to its proper use, you silver penned devil you! Thank you!”

Best supporting actress Anne Hathaway said: “I’m so honoured… I share this with the cast and crew of Les Miserables who are the most golden hearted group of loves, whose talent knocked me sideways every day.”

David O Russell, who won the award for best adapted screenplay for Silver Linings Playbook, which he also directed, said: “This film is about emotions and this is for every family that face those emotions every day.”

EE Rising Star Award winner Juno Temple said: “Thank you to all of the voters, especially my little brother Felix who I think got his entire school to vote for me.”

Best director Ben Affleck said: “Everybody who worked on the movie, all the people this movie is about, who came together and made this a wonderful international movie I want to thank.

“I also want to say that this is a second act for me. You’ve given me that, this industry has given me that, I’m so grateful and proud. I dedicate this to anyone else out there who is trying to get their second act.”

On picking up Best Film, Affleck added: “This has been an incredible, wonderful, warm surprise.”

Producer George Clooney earlier said of Affleck: “If this is your second act, I don’t know what you’re going to do for your third act. You’re remarkable.”

Best actor Daniel Day-Lewis began his acceptance speech by joking: “On the chance that I might one day have to speak on an evening such as this, I actually stayed in character as myself for the last 55 years.”

He continued jovially: “And I had a selection of BAFTA sets, down-scaled and dating from the late ’50s, placed in every single room of every single house that I lived in.”

But getting more serious, he said: “I’m so very grateful to BAFTA for this and all the encouragement you’ve given me over the years… I don’t know if I deserve this but I do know that every single one of you deserves this at least as much as I do.”

And finally paying tribute to director Steven Spielberg, he described the filmmaker as Lincoln‘s “rudder, the helmsman, the boat-builder, the boat and the sea we sailed on and, to the end of my days, thank you Steven and thank you BAFTA”.

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