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Bee Movie stunt enables Jerry Seinfeld to fly

Jerry Seinfeld at the Cannes Bee Movie stunt

Story by Jack Foley

JERRY Seinfeld wowed the crowds at the start of the Cannes Film Festival (2007) by taking part in a daring stunt to promote his new film, Bee Movie.

The Seinfeld favourite donned a fuzzy bumblebee suit and black tights to “jump” from the roof of the eight-story luxury Carlton Hotel to the Croisette at the start of the festival.

Bee Movie is the latest project from DreamWorks Animation and follows the fortunes of Barry B. Benson, an ambitious young bee who dreams of life beyond the hive.

After discovering that humans have stolen honey from bees through the ages, he takes the human race to court to try to right the injustice.

A star-studded vocal cast includes Chris Rock as a mosquito trying to avoid being squished on a truck window (who was also at the Cannes stunt), Renee Zellweger as a human florist who inspires a cross-species crush in Benson, and Matthew Broderick as Benson’s best friend.

The film isn’t out until November but Cannes audiences were treated to 30 minutes of highlights from the film and then got to hear a little more about it.

Seinfeld told reporters that he’d devoted the past four years developing the film, writing the script and giving voice to its leading role.

He claimed the idea for the project “popped randomly into his head” one day as he was eating candy – and then 24 hours later he found himself being invited to dinner with Steven Spielberg.

“For a Jewish boy growing up on Long Island, to have dinner with Steven Spielberg is like being bar mitzvahed twice,” Seinfeld joked.

But he seized the opportunity to pitch Bee Movie during a lull in the conversation.

The project subsequently ended up with Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc, who described Seinfeld’s creative process as “amazing”.

Katzenberg told the Cannes press: “My belief in the film and confidence is that Jerry is actually going to bring animation to a whole new audience of people who may have not thought of these as for them, and at the same time it will continue to work as a family film.”

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