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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon hit opposition to Whitey Bulger movie

The Town

Story by Jack Foley

BEN Affleck and Matt Damon have reportedly been hit by criticisms of their plans to reunite for a new movie about the notorious Boston-based gangster Whitey Bulger.

As reported earlier this week, Affleck would direct the project, while Damon would play Bulger.

The film would also span several decades, including his rise, his alleged 19 murders and racketeering, his acting as an FBI informant and his years on the run up until the point he was captured at the age of 81.

Citing a report in the Boston Globe as a reference point, The Hollywood Reporter has quoted a Beantown local whose father was allegedly killed by Bulger and his henchmen as evidence of the mixed feelings towards the project that are currently being felt.

While community members concede that Damon and Affleck are a good choice for developing such a movie, given their Boston roots and Affleck’s previous track record for directing Boston-based dramas such as The Town, they also admit that the Bulger case is a little raw (the man was only caught last year).

Local attorney Anthony Cardinale, who was active in the Bulger case in real life, also feels that the movie is a folly that could be a ‘bad career move’ for Damon.

While Thomas Foley, the former Massachusetts State Police colonel who played a key role in building the case against Bulger, is apprehensive about turning Bulger into too much of a celebrity.

Whatever the outcome, Affleck and Damon would appear to have their work cut out in getting the story right. But no one is prepared to bet too much against them pulling it off.

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