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Benicio Del Toro in talks for Predator reboot


Story by Jack Foley

BENICIO Del Toro is reportedly in early talks to star in The Predator, Shane Black’s reboot of the alien action movie.

Plot details are being kept under wraps but the new movie is believed to be an ensemble piece that’s anchored by one main character, possibly to be played by Del Toro.

Production is due to begin in 2017.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Del Toro has been on Black’s most wanted list for some time but the studio – Twentieth Century Fox – and actor had been unable to reach an agreement due to scheduling conflicts.

Del Toro is very much in demand at the moment, what with a sequel to Sicario in the works (and said to be more focused on his character), as well as roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Black last wrote and directed The Nice Guys and is also famous for Iron Man 3.

Predator was a 1987 action movie that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura as commandos being stalked in a jungle by a fearsome alien. John McTiernan directed the film, which was one of the movies that cemented Schwarzenegger’s star power.

It spawned a city-based sequel starring Danny Glover as well as a crossover franchise with Alien – although those movies were much maligned. Robert Rodriguez also rebooted the franchise with the Adrien Brody starring Predators, which attracted more favourable reviews.

Fox will be hoping that Black will sprinkle enough magic to revive the franchise yet again.

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