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Bond composer backs Craig's 007

Daniel Craig in Layer Cake

Story by Jack Foley

AS UNFAIR criticism surrounds the casting of Daniel Craig as James Bond, franchise composer, David Arnold, has seen fit to leap to the actor’s defence.

Arnold, whose has composed the scores for the last three 007 adventures, dismissed critics who attacked Craig in the wake of how he answered questions as last week’s press conference.

And he insisted that he was ‘very excited’ to be working with the Layer Cake actor on the latest Bond adventure, Casino Royale.

Speaking to the BBC News website, Arnold is quoted as saying that ‘it would be a very foolish person who made any kind of judgement from how he answered tabloid questions at a press conference’.

And he predicted that audiences would be very surprised by what the actor can bring to the series, both in terms of look and performance.

“People should be very excited about what’s going to happen,” he insisted. “It’s going to be very different. Everyone is bound to be nervous because Pierce Brosnan was so good and unquestionably James Bond.

“You could see James Bond when Pierce was Remington Steele. But you can’t see the James Bond that Daniel is going to be in the stuff he has done before.

“This is going to set out a whole new bunch of formulas and values.”

Arnold has based his comments around seeing Craig during his screen-test and he was very impressed with what he saw.

The composer is no slouch when it comes to working on box office successes. Aside from collaborating on the 007 movies, he has also composed scores for Shaft, Zoolander, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Godzilla.