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Bond producers deny Tube shooting plot

Casino Royale

Story by Jack Foley

REPORTS that the plot of the new James Bond film was to mirror the death of a Brazilian man shot dead by police after being mistaken for a terrorist have been categorically denied by producers of the franchise.

Both Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli emphatically dismissed any suggestion that the script of Casino Royale ‘bears any resemblance to the tragic death of the innocent Brazilian citizen, Mr Jean Charles de Menezes’.

The 27-year-old Brazilian was killed by police at Stockwell Tube station in London after the 7 July bombings.

But after newspaper reports of the possible plot broke earlier this week (February 2006), his family expressed ‘shock’ that the leaked script was said to contain an incident where Bond accidentally kills an unarmed bomb suspect.

However, the producers added in their statement that the script does not involve 007 killing any innocent people.

According to the reports in question, Bond, played by Daniel Craig, was said to have killed an unarmed suspect, only to discover that it was the wrong man. He then attempts to clear his name after footage of the incident is broadcast worldwide.

It prompted Asad Rehman, a spokesman for the de Menezes family, to express ‘deep concern’ that the issue was being ‘glamorised’ in a lucrative film franchise.

But the producers of Casino Royale acted quickly to counter any such speculation and put an end to any persistent rumours surrounding the closely guarded story.