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Brad Pitt remains hopeful of World War Z sequels

World War Z

Story by Jack Foley

BRAD Pitt remains optimistic of sequels to his film World War Z.

Speaking at the Moscow International Film Festival, where World War Z was the opening film, the actor was quizzed on the potential for follow-ups, especially in light of the high production costs of the first movie.

But he was hopeful, saying: “There is enough to mine from the book. We could barely get a fraction of the book in. So we’ll see. We’ll see.”

Director Marc Forster was a little more guarded on the question, however, insisting that the film’s producers wanted to gauge the success of the current film before committing to any sequels.

“Let’s see how this goes,” he said. “We hope this movie goes well, and we shall go from there.”

Asked whether he thought Pitt would return too, Forster added: “Hopefully, but let’s see how things go.”

Pitt plays United Nations employee Gerry Lane in the film, who is asked to fly around the world to combat a zombie pandemic that threatens to destroy humanity.

World War Z is based upon the acclaimed novel by Max Brooks. It was released in UK cinemas today.

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