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Bradley Cooper exits Jane Got A Gun

Bradley Cooper

Story by Jack Foley

BRADLEY Cooper has departed Jane Got A Gun, the latest in a rapidly growing series of names to exit the troubled Western.

Ironically, the actor had been brought in to replace Jude Law, who himself departed the project once original director Lynne Ramsey had suddenly quit.

But owing to scheduling conflicts, Cooper has also now departed. He told The Hollywood Reporter: “Regretfully, due to date conflicts between the film I am currently shooting for David O’Russell [American Hustle] and Jane’s Got a Gun, I am unable to join Natalie, Joel, Noah and Gavin on this truly exciting project.”

Cooper is the third actor in total to depart the Natalie Portman starrer. Michael Fassbender was first to leave, followed by Ramsey and then Law.

He had been set to play the leader of a gang that comes to kill the husband (played by Noah Emmerich) of Portman’s character. Joel Edgerton also co-stars.

According to reports, Cooper’s departure will not affect the shooting schedule, which had been modified to allow incoming director Gavin O’Connor time to catch up with the production demands. O’Connor, whose credits include Warrior, stepped in at the last minute when Ramsey left the film on the first day of shooting.

Jake Gyllenhaal has since been linked to the project but, apparently, won’t be taking part.

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