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Brokeback Mountain awarded by LA critics

Brokeback Mountain

Story by Jack Foley

BROKEBACK Mountain, a film about two male cowboys who fall in love, has been named the best film of 2005 by film critics in Los Angeles.

The film, directed by Ang Lee and starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, also took the best director prize.

With just 12 weeks to go until the Oscars, the Los Angeles Film Critics’ Association awards mark the start of the countdown to the showpiece event.

Brokeback Mountain is adapted from a story by E Annie Proulx and has already taken top honours at the Venice Film Festival. It has only just gone on release in the US and does not reach UK cinemas until January.

But its Oscar prospects have significantly been enhanced by the LA Critics’ choices – and it is almost certain to receive a high number of nominations.

In the best actor category, early Oscar favourite Phillip Seymour Hoffman won for his portrayal of author, Truman Capote, in Capote.

While Vera Farmiga won best actress for playing a wife and mother who becomes addicted to drugs in Down To The Bone.

Catherine Keener took the best supporting actress award for her performance in Capote as well as three other films – The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Interpreter, and The Ballad of Jack and Rose.

While William Hurt took best supporting actor for his role in A History of Violence.

The Los Angeles Film Critics’ Association’s awards will officially be handed out on January 17, 2006. But prizes are also given to runners-up in each category.

In the best film category, A History of Violence was named runner-up for best film, with its director, David Cronenbourg, also coming second in the best director category.

Heath Ledger was runner-up for best actor in Brokeback Mountain; Dame Judi Dench was runner-up for best actress for her role in Mrs Henderson Presents; Frank Langella was runner-up for best supporting actor for Goodnight, And Good Luck, and Amy Adams was runner up for her role in Junebug – she plays a pregnant young woman from southern America who is captivated by her sister-in-law.