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Bruno star Cohen terrified of failure as Jackson scene cut from film


Story by Jack Foley

BRUNO star Sacha Baron Cohen has spoken of his surprise at the success of Borat and his fear of failure with his latest incarnation.

In a rare out of character insight into his personality, Cohen told David Letterman’s Late Show on US TV that he was “terrified” about whether the film would succeed.

He is also baffled by the overwhelming success of Borat, which followed a Kazakhstani journalist on a visit to the US, and became a global success.

“We never expected to make that kind of money – we thought it was going to be very niche,” he said. “We were surprised that anyone wanted to see it – I still am.”

And dismissing persistent claims that many of his stunts and interviews are staged, Cohen went on to reiterate that everything on-screen in both films was genuine.

“We had the same problem with Borat. No-one believed it was real until we had, I think, 200 lawsuits.”

Pointing towards a scene in which Bruno interviews a terrorist, he maintained that this was recorded for real and was part of the film’s commitment to surpassing the achievements of Borat.

“We wanted it to be better than Borat and we thought, ‘what could people see that they’d never seen before on film?’ And one thing could be a comedian interviewing a terrorist which I think has never been done before, and for good reason.”

La Toya Jackson scene cut from Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Letterman revelations came as the British Board of Film Classification passed a new version of Bruno minus a now notorious scene featuring Michael Jackson’s sister, La Toya.

The scene, which involved Bruno interviewing La Toya and encouraging her to eat sushi off the naked bodies of immigrant workmen, was immediately cut “out of respect” for the Jackson family following the singer’s death.

The cut scene also showed Bruno trying to steal Michael’s phone number from his sister’s phone in a bid to secure an interview. It is not yet known whether it will be restored for any DVD release.

Bruno opens in UK cinemas on Friday, July 10, 2009.

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