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Bruno to get tamer 15 certificate in UK


Story by Jack Foley

UK audiences are to be offered the chance to see a tamer version of Bruno now that a revised 15 certificate version has been prepared for cinemas.

The move was taken by Universal Pictures (UK) in a move to allow more teenagers to see the saucy comedy, which follows a gay Austrian fashion presenter to America as he attempts to achieve fame and fortune.

The British Board of Film Classification approved the 15 certificate after a minute and a half of footage containing “strong sex and strong sexual references” was cut from the current edit.

The toned-down version will be released on 24 July, although the original uncensored version will continue to play in cinemas as well.

David Kosse, of Universal, told Variety: “Due to the overwhelming demand by fans who are desperate to see the film, we’re really pleased to be able to offer a 15 certificate version. Both of these versions will allow many more of Bruno’s fans in the UK to enjoy the film.”

Of the three 18 certificate scenes, one was comprised of a montage of exaggerated sexual activity, the second involved the character comically miming various sexual acts and the third graphically depicted the events that took place at a swingers party.

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