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Buzz Aldrin praises Gravity for authenticity


Story by Jack Foley

FORMER astronaut Buzz Aldrin has praised Gravity for its “remarkable” authenticity.

Alfonso Cuaron’s film follows two astronauts (played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock) as they are cast into deep space when a debris shower destroys their shuttle.

It is already generating serious Oscar buzz and been described as one of the best space films of all time by James Cameron.

But writing a guest review in The Hollywood Reporter, Aldrin – who was the second person to walk on the Moon – picked out a number of plus points in the film that place it among the greats and most authentic experiences.

First of all, Aldrin said he was “extravagantly impressed by the portrayal of the reality of zero gravity”, while he was “happy to see someone moving around the spacecraft the way George Clooney was”, adding: “It really points out the degree of confusion and bumping into people.”

He also said: “This movie gave great clarity to looking down and seeing the features of Earth.”

Although he did point out that Earth and its various continents were portrayed with too precise a delineation, he added: “If you’re looking down at Earth, you’re looking through an atmosphere that has a bit of haze in many places and not just occasional clouds. Here, the precision was remarkable, though you might need a pretty good spy telescope to see that well.”

But he concludes that Gravity could not be arriving at a better time, as NASA prepares to lose many of the advanvements it has made in space amid funding cutbacks. In terms of its ability to raise awareness of the value of a space programme, as well as its eye for realism, Aldrin wrote: “I was very, very impressed with it.”

In addition to being the second man to walk on the moon, Aldrin was one of the first astronauts to float in space for an extra-vehicular activity during 1966’s Gemini XII mission.

Gravity opens in US cinemas this weekend, will be at the London Film Festival on Thursday, October 18 (including an IMAX screening on October 19) and will be in UK cinemas from November.

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