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Cannibal horror film Raw makes people faint at Toronto Film Festival


Story by Jack Foley

A CANNIBAL horror movie named Raw has left some cinema-goers at the Toronto Film Festival requiring medical assistance.

An ambulance had to be called to the screening after some of the film’s content “became too much for a couple patrons”, according to Ryan Werner, who is handling the film’s marketing, said in a statement.

The film in question is a French language piece that was written and directed by Julia Ducournau – and it is attracting general favourable reviews.

It follows the story of a vegetarian woman who unwittingly becomes a cannibal after being forced to eat raw rabbit liver during a veterinarian school initiation. Described as a coming-of-age tale as much as a horror film, this eventually sees the central character, Justine, turn from a naive freshman into blood-thirsty cannibal.

Perhaps surprisingly, critics have been lavish in their praise.

Screen Daily noted that “feminist and youth culture angles, plus distinctive visual flamboyance, give Raw a fresh flavour”, while Bloody Disgusting described the film as “a huge, satisfying surprise”.

The gore, though, is unflinching, as Variety noted in its review: “Often so realistic that they are hard to look at, scenes that viewers of a sensitive nature may find disturbing see lacerated extremities, bite marks and gaping wounds perfectly walk the line between the visceral fun of practical effects and overt attention-grabbing.”

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