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Casino Royale director labels Quantum of Solace "a mess"

Quantum of Solace

Story by Jack Foley

FORMER Bond director Martin Campbell, who rejuvenated the 007 franchise with 2006’s Casino Royale, has labelled its follow-up, Quantum of Solace a mess!

Speaking to CraveOnline while promoting his latest movie, The Green Lantern, Campbell said he felt the Marc Forster directed Solace didn’t quite manage to keep the momentum going from Royale.

“I thought it was lousy,” he said. “And hopefully this next one will be terrific. Sam Mendes is directing it and I’m sure it’ll be terrific.”

When asked to elaborate, Campbell said: “I just thought the story was pretty uninteresting. I didn’t think the action was related to the characters. I just thought overall it was a bit of a mess really.”

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