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Chalet Girl - Ed Westwick interview

Ed Westwick in Chalet Girl

Interview by Rob Carnevale

ED Westwick talks about his experience of snowboarding and skiing for British romantic comedy Chalet Girl and why he’s keen to balance a career on both sides of the Atlantic.

Q. What first appealed to you about Chalet Girl?
Ed Westwick: I just thought it was a cute, nice script really and everyone involved was great. And I thought: “OK, go to the Alps and practice my skiing… I’ve been skiing since I was 11, so great.” And then again with the character he was a very charming, nice guy to play and it was a different genre for me, so those were my reasons.

Q. You’ve obviously enjoyed great deal of success in the States, so how important is it to get back to the UK and make movies here as well?
Ed Westwick: It’s hugely important for me and I think I had such a great experience working with a predominantly English crew and cast… so a homecoming if you want to call it that, but it was a great experience and of course I’d love to be doing both. Obviously, I’m working in the States right now [on Gossip Girl] but it’s just as important to be working on English projects as well.

Q. How do you think the British humour will play in America? And how did your American cast members (such as Brooke Shields) take to it?
Ed Westwick: They jumped right in and I think what we’ve seen with these great British comedies, something like Bridget Jones, is that they transfer very well. So, I’m excited to see how it will be received by an American audience.

Q. You mentioned you’d been skiing since the age of 11, so how did you cope with transferring from skis to boarding? And how good are you with tricks?
Ed Westwick: I had one lesson on the board and then another in the film that Felicity [Jones] gave me. I’m not very good at all on the snowboard. I’m much happier on skis. I actually like the mini-skis, the ones you can do all the tricks on. So, I’m alright, I guess. I can do a couple of 360s here and there. It’s all me in the film [laughs]!

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