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Chloe - Amanda Seyfried interview

Amanda Seyfried

Interview by Rob Carnevale

AMANDA Seyfried talks about making the sexually charged psychological thriller Chloe, preparing for and handling some of the more risqué material alongside co-star Julianne Moore and why she came to love her character in spite of her flaws. The actress was speaking at a press conference held during last year’s London Film Festival.

Q. What turned you on about Chloe?
Amanda Seyfried: The challenge… I’m pretty young in my career and I haven’t had many opportunities to spread my wings. Obviously, this is pretty extraordinary. It was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. And then also working with Atom [Egoyan] was a pretty big selling point.

Q. There’s some quite intimate scenes in this. How did you approach them? And was it a day you dreaded in the script?
Amanda Seyfried: It’s very technical… it’s always technical when you have to do something very physically intimate. So, that’s what it was. Atom showed us exactly what he had in mind to make it as easy as possible, and then we just laughed.

Q. Do you think your character is predatory or vulnerable? And did you find it easy to relate to someone who is presumably very different from yourself?
Amanda Seyfried: I found it very difficult to relate to her in any way until I really started taking in and absorbing what Atom was describing to me. We spoke at great length about Chloe and how she was dealing with different moments in the film. I felt overwhelmed at times with how much information Atom had. But I was eventually able to connect with her and fall in love with her… I really did like her. But this character is so inconsistent throughout the movie, it’s almost like I’m playing so many different characters in one. So, that was really challenging but really exciting to be able to do that.

Q. What does it feel like to work with Julianne Moore?
Amanda Seyfried: It was amazing. I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with some ridiculously talented actresses whose work I have seen. But I’ve learned a lot. Julianne has done so much stuff. This is the first time I’ve worked on a movie with someone like Julianne where I’ve really been respected and treated like a peer. I’m telling you, it’s like the first time and it’s the best feeling in the world because it makes me feel like an equal. Sometimes, you don’t get that.

Q. Has the person in your life seen the film and what has his reaction been to some of the content?
Amanda Seyfried: He’s seen half of it and I’ll tell you why… it’s a funny story actually. We were seeing it for the first time together and his tooth chipped and he called my friend’s dentist for an emergency appointment. He also happens to be an actor who needs that piece of chipped tooth to be put back on in a timely fashion. So, he did not see the bulk of it [the film]. But he’s going to watch the second half tonight [at the London Film Festival premiere] and can then hopefully tell me how he feels about the content.

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