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Christoph Waltz to star in True Crimes

Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds

Story by Jack Foley

CHRISTOPH Waltz is to star in True Crimes, a new thriller based on a true story.

Adapted from David Grann’s New Yorker feature published in 2008, the project follows the case of Krystian Bala, a Polish writer who was convicted of murder in 2007.

What made the crime so special was that the murder for which he was convicted had been a cold case, baffling the Polish police for years, and had been called “a perfect crime”.

Bala, never a suspect in the case, only attracted their attention once he had published a novel that detailed a murder very much like the one that was frustrating the police.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Waltz will play Jacek Wroblewski, the police officer who re-opens the cold case and subsequently becomes caught up in the dark underworld of Poland’s sex rings, prostitution and drugs.

As yet, there is no director attached but Brett Ratner is among the producers.

Waltz was most recently seen in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, for which he won numerous awards (including the best supporting actor Oscar) and has the sequel to The Muppets and Mike Newell’s Reykjavik, in which he will play former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev alongside Michael Douglas’s ex-US president Ronald Reagan, in the bag.

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