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Cillian Murphy to star in UK equivalent of To Kill A Mocking Bird

Cillian Murphy in Sunshine

Story by Jack Foley

CILLIAN Murphy is to star in the film adaptation of a British book that takes on many of the themes of Harper Lee’s classic To Kill A Mocking Bird.

Broken will offer a “very modern take” on Lee’s 1960 novel, according to BBC Films, with the action shifting from America’s Deep South to southern England.

Acclaimed theatre director Rufus Norris, of Cabaret fame, will make his film debut.

According to a statement from BBC Films Broken will be an “utlimately uplifting tale” in which “the power of innocence” triumphs.

It will also feature a character named Rick Buckley, who will be the equivalent of Lee’s Boo Radley.

To Kill A Mocking Bird won Harper Lee the Pulitzer Prize and tells the story of Atticus Finch (played in a movie version by Gregory Peck), a lawyer who defends a black man, Tom Robinson, against a charge of raping a white girl.

Murphy was most recently seen in Christopher Nolan’s Inception and has also been seen in Batman Begins and Sunshine

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