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Classic Movies and Shows That Were Sneakily Made Into Games

Terminator: Dark Fate

Feature by Jack Foley

THERE are so many movies, shows, and games being released every year that it’s impossible to keep up with it all. Films and shows don’t just get a cinematic or TV release anymore as many are restricted to one of the many online streaming services. Then there’s gaming, which is another beast altogether, with online platforms, PC launchers, consoles, and mobiles all offering a different range of titles.

An old tradition of cinema, and even some shows, was that box office hits would cross entertainment mediums and have a video or board game release at some point. However, due to cinematic schedules and the time needed to create a worthy game in the modern era, this kind of tradition was phased out.

However, looking back over the last year and a bit, it’s clear that some classic movies and shows have indeed made it into the gaming space, and on occasion without anyone realising.

There was a Terminator game in 2019?

Terminator hit the headlines towards the end of 2019, but for all of the wrong reasons. Its latest cinematic entry, Terminator: Dark Fate, flopped tremendously at the box office, with losses set to stand at over $120 million on the movie.

However, published around the release of the movies was a Terminator game, Terminator: Resistance, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Released on 15 November in Europe and 7 January in North America, the Teyon-developed game is surprisingly good. While it’s not a rousing success deserving of multiple game awards, it’s not a bad game, and there’s plenty about it that makes it enjoyable to play. As the film flopped and so many licensed games based on movies have failed to impress in the past, it should be noted that there is a new game that’s based on the Terminator franchise and is a fun game.

A Friends game came out at the start of 2020?

It’s one of the biggest and most popular comedy shows of all time, which still demands a massive audience: Friends is a name that is synonymous with fun and entertainment. Of course, developing the series into a fully-fledged video game would have been an oddity as it arguably doesn’t suit the medium, but NYX Gaming found a way to make it work.

Now, Friends is one of the most popular new games at online casino websites, featuring the famous characters Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Monica. The slot game invokes many elements from the series, allowing players to get a new and unique experience of the iconic show and also including familiar soundbites that players seem to enjoy.

A Criminal Minds game came out in late 2018?

Originally released in September 2005, the crime drama series Criminal Minds is currently in the middle of its 15th and final season, which will come as a surprise and a disappointment to long-time fans of the show. Over the years, the main cast has changed dramatically, with it currently starring Paget Brewster, Joe Mantegna, Rachel Nichols, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Not only has the series inspired a video game Legacy Games-developed PC game – back in 2012 – but its continued popularity has also led to a brand new mobile game. Made by FTX Games, Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game has the player lead an elite team of FBI criminal profilers to solve dangerous cases. Furthermore, it also uses original stories from the TV show.

If you’re a Terminator, Friends or Criminal Minds fan, you’ll be happy to know that you can now experience the shows in a new way, with the games above all being able to deliver fan-pleasing gameplay.