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Colin Farrell underlines Total Recall differences at Comic-Con

Total Recall

Story by Jack Foley

COLIN Farrell was keep to point out the differences between his version of Total Recall and the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger original.

Speaking as footage was unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con, Farrell said that he never felt like he was having to fill Arnie’s shoes, while pointing out a number of tonal shifts between Len Wiseman’s version and Paul Verheoven’s.

“The biggest difference with this incarnation is the tonal shift,” he elaborated. “The other one had an absurd sense of humour. This is played a lot straighter.

“I don’t have one liners…I didn’t have to fight to make it different. I felt it was already different enough.”

Kate Beckinsale, who also joined the panel at Comic-Con, also played down the differences between her role as Farrell’s wife and that portrayed by Sharon Stone in the original.

In fact, Beckinsale’s character is more of an amalgam of the characters played by Stone and Michael Ironside in the first one.

“Audiences back then perhaps weren’t used to seeing a woman without a right hand man,” she observed.

Total Recall is released in UK cinemas on August 22, 2012.

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