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Comic-Con 2013: X-Files star Gillian Anderson open to third film

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

Story by Jack Foley

GILLIAN Anderson would be up for doing a third X-Files movie if the right material can be found.

The actress was speaking at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday (July 18, 2013), when she joined former co-star David Duchovny and series creator Chris Carter at a special event to mark the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the show.

When asked about the possibility of further adventures for Mulder and Scully either on-screen or on TV, Anderson said “a film would be great”. But her co-panellists were a little more restrained.

Carter responded: “You need a reason for going on and getting excited…” But he did add that the enthusiastic turn-out of fans at Comic-Con was “inspirational”.

However, no one was open to the idea of doing a special event series like the forthcoming 24: Live Another Day, which debuts next year on Fox and is executive produced by Homeland and X-Files luminary Howard Gordon. Indeed, Anderson was adamant that she would not reprise her role as Dana Scully in that form.

The Q&A was a hugely nostalgic affair and fans clearly enjoyed the anecdotes that their former TV favourites delivered, including the little known fact that Drew Barrymore almost made a guest appearance in an episode inspired by The Twilight Zone that focused on a “kid who can wish people into the cornfield”.

Anderson also once phoned Tom Waits to try and entice him to make a guest appearance, describing the ensuing call as “a cool moment in my life”.

The proceedings were also conducted with a fair amount of humour. When asked what Mulder and Scully would do if they ever shared a proper date, Duchovny replied: “Have sex.”

While Anderson jokingly auctioned off a cardboard cut-out of herself and Duchovny, saying that the money was the first step towards financing the third X-Files movie.

And on a more serious and potentially interesting note for the future, Duchovny said he has high hopes of working with Anderson again outside of their X-Files characters – although it would have to be the right project because what they have “is special”.

Duchovny is currently riding high on the success of his hit series Californication, while Anderson has also enjoyed further small screen success with a leading role in hit BBC drama The Fall (which has been given a second season) and NBC’s Hannibal.

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