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Could it be Affleck versus Affleck in rival superhero movies?

Triple 9

Story by Jack Foley

CASEY Affleck appears to be lining up a new superhero movie that could see him competing with brother Ben Affleck for movie-goers’ affection.

According to Variety, Casey is currently pitching a new thriller called Villain that could turn the genre on its head.

The story would focus on a Batman-style vigilante who gains superpowers after being shot in the head during a brutal burglary – but who inadvertently becomes the city’s biggest threat as he uses ever more violent methods.

The synopsis reads: “The movie is set in a city overrun with crime. Affleck’s character loses everything of meaning in his life when a brutal home invasion leaves his family dead and two bullets lodged in his head.

“He develops a unique power in the wake of his trauma – an ability to see into people’s pasts, presents, and futures – and goes on a mission of revenge to find the men who killed his family, and in the process clean up his city long overdue for justice.

“But as his vigilante acts become more frequent and violent in nature, his arrival as the city’s hero may instead be the announcement of its most prolific villain.”

Casey’s superhero venture would appear to be nodding to the type of dark hero that big brother Ben has already created in his Batman guise, given that the Dark Knight seen in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was a far more violent figure than has previously been shown in films.

But while the Justice League Batman would appear to be setting his sights on ever more bigger, potentially world-ending foe, Casey’s looks set to assume a more street-level direction in keeping with some of the better examples of the genre.

It remains to be seen whether Casey’s film will see the light of day but early plot details suggest we could be onto something a little bit different and even special.

Ben’s Batman, meanwhile, will return to the screens as part of The Justice League, in Zack Snyder’s follow-up to Batman V Superman. And he’s also set for his own solo project, to be directed by Affleck himself, which will see him doing battle with the villain Deathstroke.

Casey Affleck was most recently seen in crime thriller Triple 9 and is getting major Oscar buzz for his role in the forthcoming festival hit Manchester By The Sea.

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