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Countdown to Sundance London: Lake Bell profile

Feature by Jack Foley

AMERICAN actress, director, writer and most recently producer, Lake Bell, will be featured at the upcoming Sundance London Film and Musical Festival 2013, as a producer of her first feature film In A World.

Audiences across the globe have seen Bell on their TV screens and the silver screen alike, as she has starred in multiple TV series including famous NBC medical drama ER, and entertained audiences alongside Hollywood A-Lister Ashton Kutcher in romantic comedies What Happens in Vegas and No Strings Attached.

Recently, she has explored new areas, writing her first film, Worst Enemy, in 2010, paving the way for fellow short, El Tonto, in 2012. Bell also gained credit through directing TV series Children’s Hospital, in which she has been a series regular for the past six years.

Bell is no stranger to Sundance, as Worst Enemy was featured in the 2010 festival in Utah.

In a World has received much praise since its premiere in Utah, including a Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. In celebration of its European premiere at Sundance London in April, we present our top six Lake Bell roles.

ER (2002)


While her appearance may have been brief, only two episodes to be exact, viewers saw Lake Bell for the first time on their TV screens thru her role as Jody Holmes in award winning NBC series, ER.

Although her time was quite short, ER represents a significant moment in the career of Bell as ER continues to be one of the most successful and longest running primetime medical drama TV series in America.

Following the lives of a group of several ER doctors at work at County General Hospital in Chicago, ER won 116 awards in its 15 seasons, including 23 Emmys and a Peabody.

Boston Legal (2004-2006)

Boston Legal

Marking Bell’s fifth reoccurring role in a television series, Boston Legal featured Bell on screen once again as lawyer Sally Heep in the spinoff of the earlier series, The Practice.

As an associate at Crane, Poole & Schmidt law firm, Sally is known for having a relationship with fellow attorney Alan Shore (James Spader), who is best known for his unethical practices in the office, including deviously using Sally to get information regarding a client.

Bell continued to appear regularly in Boston Legal until 2006, when her character was fired in the series’ second season.

What Happens in Vegas (2008)

What Happens in Vegas

Bell stars as sassy and sarcastic New York bartender Tipper, in her first major motion picture What Happens in Vegas.

What was supposed to be a girls weekend following a breakup in Vegas turned into a weekend of non-stop partying and debauchery with her best friend Joy (Cameron Diaz), the pair discover that Joy drunkenly married player Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) the night before.

After an NYC judge orders the couple to legally stay together to try and work out their marriage, Tipper does everything she can to help her best friend survive, as a large amount of money is the prize. What Happens in Vegas is a romantic comedy that shows audiences what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

It’s Complicated (2009)

It's Complicated

So maybe not a great film but Bell certainly looked great in it and was the voice of reason in a film that often didn’t really show much sense!! She plays the new wife of Alec Baldwin, who is dismayed to learn that he has once again drunkenly started to sleep with his ex-wife (Meryl Streep).

Streep, for her part, is also two-timing with Steve Martin in a comedy of romantic entanglements from writer-director Nancy Meyers.

And yes, Bell looked great in a bikini (and her underwear).

No Strings Attached (2011)

No Strings Attached

In her second time together with Hollywood hottie (and recently single) Ashton Kutcher, Bell shines on screen in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached.

Bell provides plenty of laughs in her character Lucy, a neurotic yet incredibly attractive assistant for a tween musical TV show (think Glee).

Lucy seems to be quite awkward when it comes to dating, as she struggles daily thanks to her infatuation with production assistant Adam (Kutcher).

For our money, she should have won out in the romantic stakes.

In A World (2013)

In A World

Producer: check. Writer: check. Director: check. Actress Lake Bell hits the trifecta in her production debut Sundance featured film, In A World. Acting as a producer for the first time, Bell reached new heights with this film with its premiere in January at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The film was well received; so much so that it has been selected to appear at the Sundance London festival in April. Bell leads as Carol, an underachieving vocal coach who follows her dreams of becoming a voice over star, inspired by her father, a major star in the business.

Be sure to check out Lake Bell in her production debut film, In A World at Sundance London 2013

Sundance London is taking place from April 25-28, 2013 at The O2, London. Visit the website