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Critics rave about Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road

Story by Jack Foley

MAD MAX: Fury Road has drawn a rapturous response from critics.

George Miller’s fourth film in the series finds British actor Tom Hardy take on Mel Gibson’s role as “Road Warrior” Max Rockatansky. But despite an absence of many years, the character is back and madder than ever.

In one five-star review, Time Out‘s David Ehrlich said watching director George Miller’s film was like “a tornado tearing through a tea party”, adding: “Fury Road steers this macho franchise in a brilliant new direction, forging a mythical portrait about the need for female rule in a world where men need to be saved from themselves.”

While The Hollywood Reporter declared: “George Miller has directed only five films in that time – three of which starred pigs and penguins – but it can safely be said that this madly entertaining new action extravaganza energetically kicks more ass, as well as all other parts of the anatomy, than any film ever made by a 70-year-old — and does so far more skillfully than those turned out by most young turks half his age.”

Also gushing praise with another five-star verdict was The Daily Telegraph, describing it as a “Krakatoan eruption of craziness”.

While Total Film‘s Jamie Graham hailed the blockbuster for putting forward “some of the greatest action ever put on screen”.

He added: “In the battle of the 2015 behemoths, the maxed-out madness of Mad Max: Fury Road sets an extraordinarily high bar – then pole-vaults clean over it and smashes the entire rig to smithereens.”

And the praise continued from The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw, who awarded it four stars, described it as being “like Grand Theft Auto revamped by Hieronymus Bosch” and then Tweeted afterwards: “Slightly embarrassed with myself at how very much I enjoyed the barking Mad Max: Fury Road.”

While Entertainment Weekly opined: “Fury Road not only captures the same Molotov-cocktail craziness of Miller’s masterpiece, 1981’s The Road Warrior – it’s also a surprisingly hyper-caffeinated film for a director in his fifth decade behind the camera.”

And Ian Nathan, of Empire, rounds up this overview with his verdict: “Imagine a movie where Tom Hardy is the point of calm. Max’s re-enfranchisement is a triumph of barking-mad imagination, jaw-dropping action, crackpot humour, and acting in the face of a hurricane.”

Mad Max: Fury Road opens in UK cinemas on May 14, 2015.

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