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David Heyman to produce film adaptation of children's book series Warriors

David Heyman

Story by Jack Foley

HARRY Potter producer David Heyman is to produce a film adaptation of the children’s book series Warriors.

The stories follow four clans of wild cats and have sold over 30 million copies world-wide since first being published by a writing team under the name of Erin Hunter in 2003.

There are currently 36 books in the main series of the novels, providing plenty of potential for a new franchise.

According to Heyman, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the first live-action film will feature computer-generated characters and will take the form of an origin story.

The plot will follow the path of main character Rusty, a pet cat raised by humans, who joins a wild cat clan in the forest.

“He’s stigmatized, he’s an outsider, he is not from the forest, he’s lived in the comfort of a human home,” said Heyman. “So, it’s about him getting acclimatized into this place, earning his place in spite of great prejudice against him and ultimately rising up.”

The announcement of the film is notable because its arrival to the screen will mark a collaboration between Heyman, currently riding high again at the world-wide box office with Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, and China’s Alibaba Pictures, which acquired the rights to the British book series.

However, while there are plenty of books in the series, Heyman conceded that he did not yet know how many films would follow.

“The interesting thing about the books is there are such a lot of narratives. And the books are still being written, so there will be as many films as long as we can keep telling interesting stories and the audience is receptive of it. We’ll keep on making it.”

Heyman also said that the film’s didn’t necessarily have to be made in English, adding: “The beauty of it is there are no humans walking around in the stories. What you have is you have cats. Cats are not specific to any country.

“Though I suspect it’d probably be set in a forest in the UK, because the authors are British, we may use actors anywhere. It’s too early to tell, but we’re open to all possibilities.”

Heyman is currently in the process of finding a screenwriter to adapt the books. The search will then widen to a director and cast.

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