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Definitely Maybe - Rachel Weisz interview

Rachel Weisz in Definitely Maybe

Compiled by Jack Foley

RACHEL Weisz talks about appearing in romantic comedy Definitely Maybe, living in New York and missing London, and working with co-star Ryan Reynolds…

Q. What attracted you to the role of Summer in Definitely Maybe. Did you find something of yourself in her?
Rachel Weisz: I think the energy and spirit of Summer is what attracted me to the role. She’s a lot of fun. She’s curious and wants to experiment with life. She’s bold. She’s very bold. I’m English and a bit more polite. She’s direct, very direct. We’re very different. I’m an English-born actress. She’s an uptown Manhattan journalist. So, we’re very different.

Q. What was the challenge to play this part?
Rachel Weisz: It was not tremendously challenging where I had to go to an emotional place or a dark serious drama. It was fun and light. It was kind of a delicious experience. Very sweet.

Q. What was the atmosphere like on the set?
Rachel Weisz: The spirit on the set was fun. A lot of credit goes to the director Adam Brooks. He wanted the atmosphere to be happy and the mood on the set all comes from the director. He wanted to keep it light and fun and sweet.

Q. Describe the relationship between Summer and Will…
Rachel Weisz: She meets him first when she’s a graduate student. He’s from the Midwest, real innocent, naïve and wide-eyed. He’s never been to a big city. He’s never met a woman like Summer before. She is very sophisticated and up-town, cosmopolitan, and she calls him a “boy-man” [laughs].

Later in the film, when she meets him, he’s grown up, more sophisticated and mature and she calls him a “man-man”. She’s attracted to him. She falls in love with him. She really does. And then she has to choose between telling the truth in her profession as a journalist about a politician, or to cover up the story, and as a journalist she has to choose between the two. The relationship is very passionate. I think they’re in love. He grows up and then becomes her equal.

Q. The story is about second chances. Do you have a second chance life experience?
Rachel Weisz: Nothing major so far, like divorce and children, but I feel that I’ve had a lot of extra chances. For me, I feel that every new job is a new chance.

Q. Do you enjoy working in comedies?
Rachel Weisz: I did one more comedy that’s coming out in the Fall and another film that’s already out. So far, I’ve done three comedies.

Q. Is it easy for you to speak with an American accent?
Rachel Weisz: I’ve played so many American roles lately, in fact now I’m a bit scared that I have an upcoming British role! It will be strange.

Q. Do you enjoy the nineties music soundtrack?
Rachel Weisz: I loved the nineties music, especially Nirvana.

Q. How is it to work with Ryan Reynolds?
Rachel Weisz: He’s sweet. Handsome and kind. He’s a different type of leading man.

Q. Do you enjoy now living in New York?
Rachel Weisz: I love the international feeling here. Different foods. Different people. There’s everything here. Museums, theatre, there’s so much to do I feel guilty about not doing too many things.

Q. What do you miss about living in London?
Rachel Weisz: I miss London very much. The conversations, the little things like the little shops there. It’s a different way of interacting with people there. It’s fast here, and it’s a little more mellow back in London.

Q. What do you look for in a role?
Rachel Weisz: Complexity. To play contradictions in a person. Complex roles.

Q. What did you see in this movie to choose this role?
Rachel Weisz: It’s a different kid of story. It’s about real life complexities of having a kid, then being divorced, and then getting a second chance at love. It also reminds me of the old films from the ’50s, where you grab a duvet and get a box of chocolates to curl up with and watch the film.

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