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Die Hard 4.0 - Preview

Bruce Willis takes aim in Die Hard 4.0

Preview by Jack Foley

YIPPEE-kayay, Bruce Willis will be donning the vest and dusting off the wise-cracks for another Die Hard installment this summer – but why the excitement?

At the age of 52, Willis is hardly a spring chicken, while the director – Len Wiseman – didn’t impress too many people with his Underworld movies.

But in a year when Sylvester Stallone proved that you’re never too old to bring back a popular character (Rocky Balboa and the forthcoming Rambo), Willis could yet provide one of the most cheesily enjoyable nostalgia trips of the summer.

The plot this time finds Willis’s veteran cop John McClane finding himself caught up in the aftermath of an attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructure that begins to shut down the entire nation.

The mysterious figure behind the shattering scheme (played by Timothy Olyphant) has figured out every digital angle – but he never figured on an old fashioned, “analogue” fly-in-the-ointment: John McClane.

And judging from the explosive trailers, McClane will be ensuring that he’s back with a bang given the high-concept nature of the set pieces.

For Wiseman, who was hand-picked by Willis to direct the fourth adventure after watching Underworld: Evolution with his daughters, landing the gig was a dream come true, particularly as he grew up watching the originals.

He set about creating a concept that would touch upon contemporary concerns, whilst enabling McClane to work some believable mayhem.

And, of course, a Die Hard movie simply wouldn’t be a Die Hard movie if their wasn’t a family member in peril (I mean, McClane himself was in peril in the third one, wasn’t he?). Step forward Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays McClane’s daughter caught in the middle of the crisis.

Also along for the ride is Justin Long’s computer nerd, who offers help with the technical side of McClane’s problem. Speaking to US magazine Entertainment Weekly, Long sees his role as part-heroic and part hero worship.

“‘If I’m hacking away at something, I’m the hero but once the action starts, I’m like the water boy waiting for him to come off the field and shower him with praise,” he commented.

We’re gonna stick our necks out on this one and go for a big yippee at the prospect of catching up with our hero when Die Hard 4.0 opens on July 4.

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