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Die Hard 6 looks set to be a prequel

Die Hard 4.0

A SIXTH Die Hard movie is being prepared, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

An origins tale, the latest entry will apparently be set in 1979 and will show how John McClane became the tough cop that audiences know.

Bruce Willis will still star in the film as the older version of the character with a different actor coming in to play his younger self.

Len Wiseman is reportedly set to direct, having competently handled Die Hard 4.0, while Lorenzo di Bonaventura is returning as a producer.

Since its debut with the original film in 1988, the Die Hard franchise has grossed over $1.4 billion at the worldwide box office, not accounting for inflation.

However, the fifth film in the series, the Russia set A Good Day Die Hard, struggled to make much of an impression on fans, grossing just $67.3 million in the US and $304.7 million world-wide.

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